Code of conduct

Obtaining and analysing information is INRIGO's main duty – therefore, aspects related to this are the top priority of our code of conduct. As a guideline for our actions, our code also illuminates our own commitment to competence, outlines binding standards for data protection and security, and defines the benchmark for our transparency, communication, and integrity with regard to our business partners and the public as well as within the company. 

Our code of conduct defines our values and guidelines for our work in five ways:

  • The gathering and evaluation of information
  • Competence and quality standards
  • Data protection, data security, and respect for the intellectual property of others
  • Transparency and openness
  • A culture of communication and integrity 

Our code of conduct is our basis for the way our employees work with one another, for our relationships with our clients, and for the way we deal with third parties involved in our work.

We employ only highly qualified professionals with integrity. Our employees guarantee their compliance with our mandatory high standards and always strive to promote long-term relationships and partnerships.

For more information about our code of conduct, please do not hesitate to contact us.