About us

INRIGO is the specialist for integrity due diligence as well as reputation and risk assessment.

INRIGO provides highly specialised analytics for integrity, reputation, and compliance. Our research and preparation of information meet the standards and compliance requirements of the German legal sphere.  

INRIGO combines analytical depth with transparent processes as well as innovative tools and methods.

How does this work in detail?

  • Analytical depth:Senior analysts who have many years of experience as well as numerous accreditations and certifications.
  • Transparent processes:Open and transparent procedures, fully documented sources, standardised working methods, and clarity at all times regarding legal compliance and the moral aspects of obtaining information.
  • Innovative tools and methods:Our own IT backbone with resources for in-depth research and for the collection and storage of a large amount of data.

The basis of information compiled by INRIGO can be repeatedly used with legal certainty. Its creation is both transparent and documented; thus, it is consistent with regard to all compliance considerations.

With our international team and through close cooperation with international partner companies, we are able to conduct research in numerous languages ​​and regions.