The information is gathered exclusively within the bounds of a legally permitted framework and approved industry standards.

In an initial briefing, we clarify the contents of our contract with you in a detailed manner. The goal of this is to establish the most objective and reliable end product, which will allow you to make an informed estimate and assessment of the facts.

The research of information is conducted strictly with the use of legally open sources (open source intelligence – OSINT), press and media, databases, and social media platforms as well as fee-based databases or expert statements. Should it be explicitly requested, on-site research or a survey of human sources (HUMINT) can also be a part of this research.

All relevant information is backed by trustworthy sources and verified by a second, reputable source (using the second source principle).

The analysis draws on documentable information that has been gathered. During the assessment of this information, only the facts that can be summarised in a professional and clear report with visual representations are taken into account. 

The protection of all confidential information and trade secrets are our top priority. All of our employees are committed to strict confidentiality. In order to provide the highest level of protection, INRIGO ensures that an adequate level of security serves to protect all digital data.