Fields of Application

Critical investment decisions, company takeovers, the creation of new business relationships, the replacement of personnel in important positions, or the expansion of business on a regional scale involve uncertainty and risks. Such business decisions can quickly lead to financial losses or significant damage to one’s reputation. In order to better manage and minimise these risks, it is essential to engage in a due-diligence review of partners (companies) both in advance and on an ongoing basis.

Fraud, bribery, and corruption impact a company’s success. Additionally, thorough compliance checks are necessary in many areas due to today’s more restrictive and stricter anti-corruption and money laundering laws. 

With our reputation and compliance check, we help you to avoid compliance risks in advance. With the appropriate processes, an awareness of integrity and transparency can be achieved with regard to the existing business chains and particularly with regard to your employees. As a result, the value of your business and reputation will be protected on an ongoing basis.

Why do businesses need due diligence and compliance checks?

Detailed background checks help you to protect your business and business interests as well as avoid risks. A broad basis of information is thus the basis upon which you can make a well-founded decision about extensive business developments. 

Through a due diligence test, you will attain important background information about your business partners in advance. You will thus minimise any risks that may result from such collaboration.

Our compliance checks allow you to be certain that you are adhering to the regulatory requirements that apply to your business relationships.  

With our due diligence and compliance checks, you will gain a full overview of the following:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Avoidance of financial damage
  • Avoidance of reputational damage
  • Preservation of economic interests

Integrated Due Diligence: Review of Individuals and Companies

The auditing of new and existing business partners currently belongs to the basic due diligence obligations of a company. We support your decision through a detailed risk analysis as well as a detailed audit of your future business partners. With the help of our integrated due diligence, also known as “integrity due diligence”, “investigative due diligence” or “know your customer”, you are able to achieve a comprehensive overview of the person or company in question.

A background check of a (potential) business partner naturally entails costs – these costs are minimal compared with the costs and the time involved in the event that these business decisions are determined to be initially doomed to failure.

Our due diligence test helps you to make the right decisions:

  • It helps you gain a comprehensive overview of the companies or individuals in question.
  • It shows the true risks pertaining to concrete business relationships and is thus the basis upon which you can weigh out the implications of further decisions.
  • It highlights subtle and hiddenrisks and exposes “red flags”.
  • It helps you abide by the laws relating to due diligence obligations.
  • It gives you the upper hand with regard to information.

Compliance: Reputation and Risk Assessment

The requirements and expectations for good and transparent corporate management are on the rise – due to both your relationships with stakeholders and business partners as well as due to new laws, rules, and standards. Many compliance programmes are based mainly on internal structures and employees – business partners, subcontractors, or third parties are often left out. Nonetheless, unlawful behaviour of the partners can lead to financial loss through fines, damages, or negative credit ratings. The possibility of damaging one’s image can be equally devastating; this can lead to exclusion from public contracts or the termination of business relationships.

As part of our reputation and risk assessment, we examine the comprehensive background of your business partners. We check to see if the business partners include politically exposed persons (PEPs) or individuals or companies affected by sanctions. In addition, we carefully examine the business partners in order to gain clues and information regarding actions and business relationships that are relevant to the contractual relationship.

With our legally compliant reputation and risk assessments, you will gain a complete overview and fulfil all compliance requirements:

  • We help to ensure that your business activities always comply with government regulations and industry standards.
  • We identify beneficial owners and provide background information about them.
  • We provide transparency and minimise the risk of collaboration with business partners that are potentially problematic.
  • We help uncover potential vulnerabilities in your compliance system or business chain.
  • Through our compliance analysis, the scope of your internal risk management is increased, helping you go above and beyond the mere fulfilment of duty. 
  • We help you save time and money, as the results of our research can be incorporated into your internal processes in many other ways, for example, in credit ratings or the necessary assessments according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.